JC Bonds

Growing up in Meadowcreek, AR just north of Mountain View. Growing up in a atmosphere that was filled with music, Bonds starting picking at age 8 when his grandfather bought him his first guitar. Bonds recalls, “I hoed corn for eight days straight to get that guitar.” JC Bonds is always cheery and manages to speak to each tourist that comes through town. Aside from playing guitar and singing traditional Bluegrass and Country songs, Bonds is also known for his story telling ability. Having grown up in the area, JC tells stories of old timers who have long since passed away. He tells of his family, friends, pickings, and gatherings as well as significant historical events. You can catch JC Bonds most days out at Mellon’s Country Store or Downtown on the square. Don’t miss an opportunity to sit and listen to this true ambassador of Mountain View.

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