Dave Brancecum

Dave Brancecum aka “Unkle Dave” has been a part of the Mountain View music scene for many years. Having performed in many groups before taking the stage as a solo act, many people have come to recognize his name. Playing many different instruments which complement his low baritone voice nicely, Dave Brancecum is always a must-see performer when visiting town. He can be found at various times around the Courthouse square and Picking Park, playing Clawhammer style banjo, guitar, or mandolin. Brancecum is also recognized for his incredible storytelling ability. You can catch his shows at one of our local theaters: the Ozark Folk Center State Park or Mellon’s Hole in the Wall Theater. Be sure you don’t miss an opportunity to see and hear this fine musician.
Here is Dave Brancecum singing “Won’t you be mine”

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